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At the time of the release of this album the unprovoked war in Ukraine is raging and there are so many innocent people and children suffering due to the horrific atrocities inflicted upon them from the Kremlin in Russia – so for each sale made from this CD and/or music book - £1.50 will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), to help and support the Ukrainian families in need during this appalling crisis.

This is from both the Composer, Phil, and Georgia who runs the excellent Pitch Perfect publishing site DOTS.

(Phil happens to be 3rd generation Ukrainian from his father’s side of the family. Originally the family name was ‘Dishkin’)

Also – the CD slipcase is made from ‘eco-paper’ – which is from recycled paper and is biodegradable.

The CD of Archipelago is available to buy from this site – £7.99 plus P & P

The Music Score of the Album is also available from this site - £10.99 as a PDF file – or £12.99 plus P & P for the hard copy.

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Each track is available as a WAV file for £1.99 per track and each composition’s music score is available from Pitch Perfect DOTS

However, you can have a package cost for the following options: -

- Archipelago CD plus the full music score book – for £20.99 plus P & P

- Archipelago album as WAV files plus the full music score book as a PDF file - £17.99

All of Phil’s compositions are very accessible, easy & very enjoyable to listen to and they have been written to be played by pianists at the intermediary level.

N.B. - £1.50 for every CD and/or Music book sold will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), to support the families and children suffering as a result of the devasting war inflicted upon their country by the Kremlin in Russia.