Management training, team building and other professional development programmes and courses from Dickson Training Ltd

In-House Training

In-house training allows for tailored, bespoke courses for your employees

We can offer every single one of our provisions to be delivered in house or at a premises of your choice. There are many benefits to bringing any training or development in-house; in most cases, for 5 or more participants it becomes more cost effective and you will benefit from tailored or completely bespoke provisions designed around you.

A lot of our clients have quite clear views and ideas of the training that is required for their organisation. It may involve taking one or more of our standard programmes as a starting foundation and tailoring the content, or it may mean creating something completely new and individual to you.

We have a fantastic track record of understand the client's needs and creating innovative programmes which meet all commercial objectives while connecting and inspiring the participants.

The 5 Steps of a Tailored/Bespoke Programme

A meeting to discuss your bespoke training requirements is recommended

If you are interested in in-house training we would highly recommend setting up a meeting so we can discuss your requirements in detail and make some suggestions. It is also an ideal opportunity for us to get a feel for the right team for your project and you to meet the people who may help bring your vision or idea to life.

Following any meeting we can prepare a proposal illustrating our recommendations and detailing the costs of the programme.

Conducting research facilitates more specific and effective training

Generally we always carry out research up front to understand the organisation, the participants and what success looks like. Our research can also identify operational, commercial and cultural issues which we then use in order to create course content and exercises which are directly related to the delegates and teams.

Collaboration and dialogue at every stage of design for specific, tailored training programmes
Design and Preparation

Following the research we are able to design the content based on the findings. Our most successful programmes are built on a strong partnership with our clients and collaboration at every stage including design.

Delivering training in a highly engaging and interactive manner

When assigning trainers to an organisation, we ensure they are carefully selected to be compatible in terms of culture, personality fit and experience in the industry sector. Although each programme designed is tailored to the specific organisation, our approach to the delivery is still the same. All of our trainers deliver in a high energy, interactive and engaging manner. We believe training does not always have to be serious and you learn more if you are getting involved and having fun.

Measuring results to evaluate the success of the training
Follow Up and Measurement

In all of our programmes we take two measurements to understand the effectiveness of our training and development; the first is at the end of the programme and the second is 3 months later once the learning is embedded and applied back into the business. We offer a variety of other follow-up measurements, techniques and tools which would be discussed and agreed at set up. We share all information with our clients and encourage our clients to share any internal measurements they may take with us to create a well-rounded view of the success of the programme.