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Dealing with Difficult Situations with Confidence

At times, everyone involved with a business will find themselves in a position where they are faced with difficult decisions. Being able to deal with these situations effectively and confidently is an important interpersonal skill.

This is especially true for managers who will be forced to make tough decisions on a regular basis, but need to ensure that the business continues to perform both during and after the difficult decisions have been made. The manner in which they approach and implement these decisions can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Course Syllabus

The syllabus of the Dealing with Difficult Situations with Confidence course is comprised of four modules, covering the following:

Module One
Self Awareness

  • Attitude towards challenges - self-resilience
  • Going into a challenging scenario - how to prepare
  • Recognising the signs of contention
  • Giving feedback constructively

Module Two
Having Difficult Conversations with Confidence

  • Behaviour labelling - preparing the approach
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Dealing with a difficult issue focussing on behaviour & consequences
  • Keeping objective and professional throughout

Module Three
Examining Your Preferred Communication Style

  • Recognising the different communication styles
  • Analysing your preferred style - Paradigm FitIn Profiler review
  • Identifying the most appropriate situations for each style

Module Four
Helpful Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Active listening
  • Body language
  • Recognising and dealing with behaviours
  • Displaying and creating positive attitudes
  • Remaining Assertive and in control

Scheduled Courses

Unfortunately this course is not one that is currently scheduled as an open course, and is only available on an in-house basis. For more information please call us on 01937 579 649 or contact us online with a brief description of your training requirements and we will get back to you.